What's the reason behind your furniture prices?

We get it, it's strange seeing rabbit furniture cost this much. The truth is that it costs more to make higher-quality products.

Here are the three main reasons why the costs are landing where they are (not including things like design, testing, content, salaries, storage...):

  • We refuse to offer products that we wouldn't feel comfortable using with our own bunnies. After 2+ years of extensive research and development on making the safest and accident-proof litter box solution for rabbits, we use premium materials, finishes, and intricate details you won't find with conventional furniture (i.e. materials/finishes non-toxic to rabbits, waterproof interior, chew-proof metal hay feeder, etc). See 'What do rabbit-safe materials & design mean?' below for more info.

  • USA-handcrafted furniture, using ethical labor, is comparable to premium custom furniture in quality and value.

  • Shipping heavy bulky items like furniture inherently cost more. White glove delivery is included in our prices.

We ultimately view our furniture as functional art and a unique investment that will last a lifetime with proper care, and helps makes life with bunnies easier and more rewarding.

However, we totally understand not every rabbit parent is ready to invest in high-end furniture, so we also made free resources to help everybun hide their rabbit's litter box on any budget. But when you're ready to upgrade, we'll be here for you!

What do rabbit-safe materials & design mean?

Did you know rabbits are especially sensitive creatures? Materials okay for cats and dogs aren’t necessarily safe for rabbits (i.e. certain wood species, like cedar or pine, emit phenols which can cause your rabbit to develop serious health problems with long-term exposure).

We refuse to offer products that we wouldn't feel comfortable using with our own bunnies.

Working closely with a rabbit-savvy exotic pet vet, our furniture designs and specifications have been officially reviewed and approved by Dr. Mark Burgess, DVM (veterinarian at SW Animal Hospital, the longest-standing exotic pet practice in the state of Oregon).

We made sure to invest in researching materials/finishes safe for rabbits and appropriate for making long lasting accident-proof furniture. After 2+ years of extensive research and development, we use premium materials/finishes that are also eco-friendly, unlike common ones that can potentially cause your bunny harm:

  • The base material we use is the highest quality Baltic birch plywood made with formaldehyde-free soy-based technology (that is LEED & CARB compliant).
  • The exterior is finished using a FSC certified hard wax oil composed of a natural, yet durable, blend of vegetable oils that's low in VOC's, food-safe, suitable for human baby toys, and ultimately safe for our rabbit babies.
  • The interior is laminated with a Greengaurd Certified and LEED compliant material that is waterproof, wipeable, and hygienic for the health of your bunnies. It also provides adequate traction underfoot, important for furry feet.
  • The metal hay feeder and front metal screen are coated with a non-toxic powder coating.

Where is BINK's furniture made?

Lovingly handcrafted in rainy Portland, Oregon, USA.

Is your furniture chew-proof?

Please be advised that our current designs are not recommended for rabbits with severe chewing tendencies. Our furniture also comes with a mini repair kit to fix minor nibbles or surface stains.

In our own experience living with a chewer, we’ve thougthfully designed our furniture with our Betty in mind (black bunny featured in our photos and videos). We incorporated chew-proof metal features as much as possible (at the hay feeder and front screen).

It’s made of a premium non-toxic hardwood ply which she’s never gnawed on likely because it’s too dense/hard for her preference. We also provide lots of chew toys she prefers more like fresh apple branches.

It's designed so that bunnies can't reach the 2” legs, but they’re also removable so you can install taller metal legs for a custom chew-proof look.

Betty’s never tried chewing any of the prototypes we’ve built over the past 6+ years, but with all that said, everyone knows their own buns best and we don’t recommend our furniture for avid chewers.

How do you handle shipping?

Free shipping is included for orders within the continental U.S. and Canada (some exclusions apply). Please email for all other destinations.

For furniture orders, we arrange white glove delivery services (lead times are 12-14 weeks + 2-4 weeks for delivery transit). For non-furniture merch orders, we ship USPS First Class and UPS Standard shipping.

Please see our shipping policy for more details.

Do you ship internationally overseas?

Sure! But it'll cost extra. Just email us at and we'll work with you to make it happen.

What's your return policy?

All sales are final, we do not accept returns. Refunds are issued for damaged or missing items. Please see our refund policy for more info.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We partner with Affirm to offer options for those who qualify. Choose Affirm as a payment method during checkout.

Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners:

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How do I get in touch?

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