• "The BINK Rabbit Credenza is a functionally wonderful piece of furniture for our little rabbit friends."

  • ”The patent-pending designs have clean lines and modern details that will make you take a second look when a bunny hops by to get inside.”

  • ”[BINK’s furniture collection] raises awareness about the plight of pet bunnies, and it shows that there are better ways of raising them.”

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  • "Exclusively for bunnies and the people who love them."

  • "A first-of-its-kind line created to give free-roam house bunnies (and their humans) a more harmonious and stylish way to live."

  • ”A company dedicated to elevating products for bunnies and those who love them.”

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Designed for bunnies (and their people).

In 2017, pet rabbits were the third most popular pet in America according to National Geographic. Current statistics may differ.


A designer’s solution to living with bunnies harmoniously. 

  • A modern litter box cover, a home-base, and a console table all in one. Handcrafted exclusively for free-roam house rabbits.

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  • A litter box cover and a bench (or small sideboard). Designed for living with free-roam rabbits in smaller spaces.

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