Dear Dedicated Bun-parents,

Thanks for checking out Bink Rabbit Goods!

I'm Jeni Nguyen, a designer living in rainy Portland, Oregon, and a bun-mom to two free-roam rescued rabbits named Betty and Elvis. I created Bink to have a fun creative outlet that combines the things I'm passionate about, bunnies + design.

Meet Elvis the gray lop, Betty the black uppy-eared rabbit, and Jeni their human. We’ve been living harmoniously together for over 6 years.


It all started because I needed to solve my own house rabbit problems…

→ How to get your rabbits to love you more?
→ How to get their messy hay under control?

The answers led me to design a unique piece of furniture just for my rabbits that beautifully hides their litter box, keeps all that messy hay contained, and fits with the rest of my home.

Our bond has strengthened immensely now that we can easily spend more time relaxing in the living room together. Best of all, their hay is no longer an issue and they ended up loving me more in the process! (How great is that?!)

This unique piece of furniture has made being a rabbit parent so much easier and more rewarding. Now I want to share this bunny-bliss with you and your rabbits!

Give bunnies the respect they deserve and let them do their business in style.

At Bink, we believe you can advocate for the welfare of all pet rabbits by simply showing your beautiful bunny lifestyle. Whether you share a pic on social media, or at home with friends and family, we want non-rabbit people to understand how sophisticated bunnies actually are.

Rabbits are "real" pets too! Together, let's change the way others think about rabbits—taking bunnies to the next level!

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Our mission is to help you live beautifully with your bunny whether you choose to purchase our products or not. But when you’re ready, we’ll be here for you. ;)

Yours truly,

✿ Jeni Nguyen

Bun-mom & Founder
Bink Rabbit Goods